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I had many sleepless nights due to tremendous shoulder pain. I was not seeking any kind of medical care or treatment; I just tolerated the pain. Some relatives and friends recommended to try out the Holistic Health Care Center. The medical care and treatments I have received here have been very effective. My shoulder pain is almost completely eliminated and is continuing to improve. I’m now feeling healthier and sleeping very well at night.

FM from San Francisco

My girlfriend was being treated by Dr. Kianian for back pain, and asked her if she could treat asthma. Dr. Kianian told me that people often suffer from asthma because the back is misaligned, which causes the chest muscles tighten up against your lungs. I started treatment, and the results have been great. Dr. Kianian fixed the tightness in my muscles and showed me how years of bad posture had caused my spine to curve the wrong way. She knew exactly what the root of my breathing and allergy problems were, and explained everything clearly to me. Now, I feel like I know what I have to do to stay healthy. My breathing is normal and free again. And, it’s now peak allergy season and I haven’t sneezed once yet.

JG from San Jose

The effectiveness of the treatment here has been a gift! I’ve regained my life. I can sleep the night through without pain – I am essentially pain free now – and I can dance again! I feel less stressed by stressful situations, and I seldom feel neck pain or headaches anymore either. I went in for my back and got more than I thought I needed.

RH from Cupertino

I was being treated by another chiropractor without improvement -over a 9 month period my symptoms were getting worse and progressively limiting my activity.  After visiting Dr. Kianian I strated feeling better almost immediately.

TS from Milpitas

Sometimes, I go in for my appointment feeling so stressed out, from work, or traffic, or whatever. Dr. Kianian always knows exactly where the tension is, even if I barely realize it myself. I mean, she can get rid of a headache instantly, just by putting a little pressure on the right spot. I always walk out of there feeling like a new person.

SHD From Almaden Valley

A friend told me about Dr. Kianian. I knew right away that her method of treatment was unlike anything I had ever had. For the first time, someone really worked my muscles, and told me exactly what was wrong with my back and neck. She’s been treating the muscles and aligning my spine, and after two months of treatment, my pain is 90% gone.

LC from San Jose

I have been a patient at SJHHC for almost a year. I have always had great experiences here. Office staff is encouraging and very helpful. I would recommend this office to my friends & family. It is very kid friendly office as well. A Very Happy Patient!

SS from Stockton
I’ve been seeing Dr. Kianian for almost four months now. I was in a car accident and did some serious damage to my back. Every step of the way she’s worked with me, talked to me about exactly what has been going on and professionally addressed each concern as it’s come up, no matter how minor it has been. The staff is friendly and helpful and always willing to work with my schedule, even last minute changes.
Amber H.
Today was my first time here.  I called this morning and there was a friendly voice on the other end of the line 🙂 she asked me to explain a little bit about myself and then proceeded to offer an appointment at 2 pm.  I was unable to make that so she had an opening at 11 lucky I live close by so it wasn’t a problem to get there on time.  Very thankful to get in today!!!  When Dr. Kianian came in she was very pleasant and went over things with me.  I felt like I was well taken care of she did not just lay me on the table and crack away…she evaluated me and then massaged before making the adjustments.  After she was done she explained what was going on and did not give me the treatment plan, rather she said she would like to see me a few more times before making that decision.  I appreciate that because I don’t like when it is just thrown out there and your sent on your way. As someone else described it is like a spa treatment!!! after the adjustment the assistant comes in and puts a heating pad on you also some electrode (I think that is what they called them) to relax the muscles.  Also sent me home with some anti-inflammatory gel in case I may have some discomfort. Could not have asked for a better place to find (thanks to yelp…and all the reviews) can’t wait to go back next Thursday!
Olivia B.
This place is absolutely fantastic! Scheduled a chiropractic appointment for my mom. Staff was very friendly and professional. Dr. Kianian is extremely talented, professional and kind. She made my mom feel right at ease and took her time to clearly explain her healing process. My mom loved her acupressure therapy session and it really helped her aching back and legs. They even took care to make sure I was comfortable as I waited. The facilities are very clean and inviting. A great health care clinic and I would definitely recommend it! I think just about anyone could benefit from the health services they offer. I will definitely be going here again myself.
Ray T.

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